Dec 18, 2010

Holiday Driving

Holiday driving this year is awfully rough and I'm not just talking on the roads.  Some shoppers are maniacs with those supermarket carts!  Sudden wide turns in narrow aisles; audible sounds of exasperation when another shopper dares to stop and look at an item, check a price, or God forbid, check the ingredients.  I guess the impatient holiday revelers expect us to use only baskets, never carts, and flatten ourselves against the shelves while they make a game show paced run down the aisles, sweeping merchandise into their cart, then a mad dash to a register to pay.

Or maybe those eye rollers and mad dashers just wish we'd stay home until December 26th.   Leave all the holiday warmth, cheer, and goodwill toward man for them.

And the roads are bad, too.  

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