Jan 24, 2011


We're left wingers, far left wingers, and so it makes me very sad that some of the people who bug me most in this world are the Democratic and left-leaning groups that I support now or did in the past.  I'm not talking policy here, I'm talking phone calls.  Ever since we put our phone number on the do not call list years ago, we have had delightful, precious silence from aluminum siding companies, hot water heater companies, long distance service providers, and all the other phone solicitors, fly-by-nights, and those looking for a sucker willing to buy a satellite dish over the phone.  We had uninterrupted dinners for several years after the do not call policy was put into place.

But about two years ago, the political calls started: Emily's List, League of Conservation Voters, the Democratic Senate this and the Democratic House that.  I hate these calls.  They're annoying!  They come at all times of the day and night (we are on the west coast and sometimes get Sunday morning calls).  The people on the other end of the phone are often paid employees, not actual zealots for the cause.  They are pushy.  They want me to know how important it is that I send money NOW!  By credit card. Over the phone.  Just give us your numbers and we will a) stop the Republicans, b) save the environment, c) save the world.

So my big question is: why money?  Why is it always money that is needed to a) stop the Republicans, b) save the environment, c) save the world?  Why do 'my' Democrats need so goddamn much money to be lobbied into voting the way they should have in the first place?  And why does my money need to be sent right now, number over the phone, the security code on the back, expiration date please? Why not an old fashioned check?

These should be the good guys.  They are my team.  Why do I hate when the phone rings?  If I'm one of the good guys, shouldn't I be trusted to send that check?  Why do I wish I'd never given to a single thing I believe in?

It ain't right.  It just ain't right.

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