Feb 27, 2011


Just when you think advertisements can’t get any weirder, they do.

Take this ING ad (Please!): Woman walks into a home via the back door, into a family’s kitchen.  Mother, father, daughter in the home are moving in extreme slow motion.  Daughter putting books in backpack s-l-o-w-l-y.  Visiting woman asks what are you doing? Resident woman says our mortgage was taking so-o-o long to pay off, we thought we might as well live in slow motion. Visiting woman does not ask are you nuts?  She does not ask how does one do that, live in slow motion? She doesn't even ask how do you pee, which is the first thing that came to my mind. No, she suddenly has a large orange ball in her hands, a sort of exercise ball for underachievers.  She approaches kitchen woman and commands: touch the ball. Really?  Touch the ball?  A little sexual are we?  Maybe ING should change their signature color to blue. They could just go the distance and add a second ball, while they're at it.  

Another ING ad man walking on hands in home improvement store and complaining about something money related. (I wasn't paying attention; there's a man upside down, going around and around on his hands.)  Woman approaches with that damn orange ball. Touch the ball.  Really?  Which hand?  Do you want him to fall on his head? But this is no ordinary home-improvement-store guy.  He can reach up and touch the ball!  It's a DIY miracle!  I think if I saw some nut walking on his hands in a box store, I’d hightail it out of there. And if I were walking around on my hands in the paint department and some wacko told me to touch the ball I'd call security, if I could reach a phone. Or I’d at least ask where that ball's been; the hand sanitizer would have fallen out of my pocket back in the lumber department.

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  1. Hi Cathy,
    This is Maggie from last summer at VCFA. A good way to spread your blog around without overloading your followers' already crowded e-mail is to link it to your Facebook account. Then people can read it on Facebook. And some of my friends (my age, obviously) couldn't figure out how to select a profile for commenting, so you might want to send out those instructions.