Apr 12, 2011

The Good Show(s)

Well, of course you'll notice the new look of the blog so let's get that out of the way.  Done? Whew!

Now, the content.

I guess since it's finally Spring, I'm not in the mood to rant.  Instead I'll gush.  No middle ground.

In the last year my husband and I have taken to watching TV shows together.  It's our new little ritual. We have certain favorites that we TIVO.  Then we get out the old-fashioned TV trays at dinner time and watch. The Good Wife is one of our favorites.  Great show.  Julianne Margulies is excellent. Chris Noth is always great, no matter what the role.  Archie Panjabi, who plays Kalinda, is captivating and a little scary.  And doesn't it just make you happy as heck that Michael J. Fox has a recurring role?  Here is a guy who takes life's lemons and makes some of the best lemonade ever.  He has created a smarmy, sleazy, surprising, strong, memorable character. Not bad for someone dealing with severe health problems.  And the cast has many other actors worth mentioning too, but I'm going to skip over most of them to Alan Cumming, who is my personal favorite.  He walks on TV-water.

Another of our favorite shows: Shameless.  Did you hear the screams of agony from our house a couple of Sundays ago, when we learned the season had just ended?  Damn, that show is fun.  William H. Macy as a drunken low-life who isn't above throwing his kid in front of a car for the insurance scam.  Joan Cusack as the agoraphobic dingbat.  Emmy Rossum as the eldest and most responsible child, in over her head but treading water.  If anyone knows when Shameless returns, please send up a flare because we need to know.  We really, really need to know. Our Sunday night replacement: The Killing, not quite Shameless, but it has a deliciously slow reveal.  Let's hope the show continues to deliver; so many shows seem promising at first and then lose all their charm.  Castle, you know I'm talking to you.  And it's a long time until March, 2012, when Mad Men is slated to return.  Don't make us wait too long, Don, we may have found new loves by then.

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  1. Shameless is so genuine, I think that’s why I like it so much. I watch it in HD all the time through my employee subscription to DISH. It’s simply the best!