Sep 15, 2011


Hello, hello.  "Is It Just Me" has a new design!  I hope you like it.  All positive comments welcome. The header was created by Cheap Girl Draws.  Please follow the Cheap Girl Draws link on the right hand side of the page, under Blogs and Sites I Like, to see some of her other sketches in her Jules-Feiffer-All-Over-Coffee- New-Yorker-but-of-course-her-very-own-unique style.  Isn't she great?

I'm hoping that the new header makes me seem more professional and you won't be reminded  that I'm typing while lying on the couch in my minty green bathrobe.  Excuse me while I push one of my kitties off the keyboard.  "Callie!  I said " 'No!' " "No!  I mean it!"

Professionally signing off,

Cathy Barber
Is It Just Me


  1. I love you.....
    but unfortunately it's just me...Jamie

  2. It's good to be loved, and never unfortunate.

  3. LOVE the newly designed header by Cheap Girl Draws. It's just so YOU ! Having a caricature drawn of oneself immediately makes you famous (jealous!)

    Also love the "about me" profile picture! go-girl