Dec 12, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Hello lovely readers!

Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of Is It Just Me.  Okay, the one-year anniversary was actually in September but that was just one lonely post announcing Is It Just Me with great fanfare, followed by three months of nothin'.  I began blogging in earnest on December 13, 2010.

So, let's review our year, sort of like an awards show montage of highlights for a lifetime achievement award:

My negative review of Cutting for Stone is the most read of any Is It Just Me post.  People search for Cutting for Stone spoiler, Sister Mary Praise letter, and many other permutations that bring them to my site.  The other most read posts are, in descending order; "Please Use the Wall Thoughtfully;" "I Think I'm a Little Agoraphobic;" "Well, Have You?"(body noises that shock your cat); and "Ba Da Da Dah Daaah" (buying and selling real estate).  Which tells me that Is It Just Me's demographic is literate, reality show watching, slightly agoraphobic homeowners with gas.  I'll try to tailor future posts to your interests.

And, to my great surprise, there seem to be people from all over the world who are wondering "Is it just me or are you pissed off too?" Top readership is in the United States, followed by the Netherlands in second place, and Russia gaining in third, but there are Latvians, Turks, Australians, Malaysians and other nationalities reading, too. When I started Is It Just Me, I expected maybe two or three of my best friends to read my posts moments before we got together for coffee so they could pretend they were actual followers.  They would say things like, "Oh, that was so funny, your post about ________."  And they would quote one or two lines to prove their devoted readership. They would slap their knees and laugh to show they had truly been amused. I would be narcissistically fooled. But Is It Just Me racked up over 4,000 hits in its first year. (I promise that not more than 3,000 are my views before I found the 'don't count your own views' button.)  Not exactly viral, but 3,900 more hits than I expected.

Now I know it isn't just me, and I hope you know that it isn't just you, either!


P.S.  A big thank you to my wonderful web designer Alana Heng and the talented Cheap Girl Draws, who drew the blog header. 


  1. Happy Anniversary! May you write many more amusing blogs for your devoted followers.