Mar 19, 2011

Make it Stop!

If this rain* doesn't stop, I'm installing those lights for Seasonal Affective Disorder on every available inch of wall space, ceiling space, floor space, and counter space in our house. I'll nail them on the closet doors.  I'll stack them on the table, my desk, the washer and dryer, the unused beds. I'll put them on the stovetop, in the fruit bowl, on my printer, on my dresser, on the elliptical machine, on the couch, the recliners, and I'll balance them on top of the regular lamps. I'll string clothesline in every room and dangle the anti SAD lamps from the clothesline until you can see our house from outer space. This rain has got to stop!!

Plan B: throw everything that will fit into the Prius and move to Arizona, which would have the added benefit of adding a blue vote to a red state.

*If you live in another part of the world, feel free to replace the word rain with the word snow.  You have my sympathy, too.

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