Mar 24, 2011

Winter Blues

I've now got a three part plan for kicking the endless winter blues.

Part one (1) was the Happy Hour Task Force, now in its third week of minimal but quality participation.  A little drinking, a lot of conversation.

Part two (2)  The fancy schmanzy anti S.A.D winter lights. I bought one (count 'em, only one) of those lights.  I think it helps!  It's like a one-foot square of artificial sunshine blasting at my face.  It has a button for 'ions' too.  "Odorless, tasteless, microscopic negative ions."  Who knew you could buy ions?  And shoot them at your face for "safe...use in the home or office." Now, the important question is, can you operate heavy machinery while using the ion generator?

And part three (3) babies laughing in YouTube videos.

Normal run-of-the-mill baby laughing:

Baby with "devil" laugh:

And the now infamous "baby laughing at dad tearing paper"

For added enjoyment, I played a couple of them at the same time. (I don't need to say whether I discovered this because I just couldn't figure out how to close the browsers.)


  1. I love it!'re true calling is standup comic!