Aug 26, 2011

Close Shave

We got a very confusing water bill.  It covered two different periods of time.  They overlapped.  By a lot.  The bill was huge, close to twice what we're used to.  I called the water department (doesn't that sound strange, the water department?  how about the air department, the food department?).  Anyway, in an uncharacteristic move for me, I asked polite questions.  After weeks of dealing with ATT, I was way beyond being polite to any company but I decided to try.  So I asked all the obvious questions and the rep explained the bills were for two different properties, our old house and our new house.  When I looked at my calendar, I saw that indeed the water department had it right; we had possession of our new home before we moved out of our old house, the dates lined up.  I said into the phone, "Boy, I'm glad I didn't start with my angry voice."  She laughed.  Hard.

Now, if only ATT had actually done things right, I wouldn't have used my angry voice with them, either.

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