Aug 27, 2011

Hi There

Yesterday I discovered the stats tab on my blog dashboard. For those of you who don't know the terminology, the dashboard is the control panel, where I choose the font size, add links, set the background color, and of course, post the blog entries. The stats tab is a treasure trove of information! It tells me in lists and on maps how many times people have opened my blog and where you live (not the actual street address or I would send flowers). It tells what kind of browsers you use. It breaks down readership by the day, week, month and total. Not surprisingly for an American-based blog, I have the greatest readership in the United States.

But here’s what’s really interesting (to me anyway and I’ve got the above aforementioned control panel) is that after the U.S. the next biggest readership of Is It Just Me is in Malaysia. Hello, Malaysia! I’m cyber waving to you. Also in the top six countries for readership is Russia. If I could find a font with Cyrillic letters I’d give you a shout out. Hallo Nederland. G’day Australia, Turkey and Canada.

Maybe I need to change the title to Is It Just The United Nations? Or Pissed Off People Around the Globe.


  1. You have an avid fan in Chico, a country unto itself!!! xoxoxo Susan

  2. Yes, I think the stats map represented Chico with a big gold star and some swirly confetti.

  3. I read but don't comment because I'd rant. Not that I ever rant.

    I bet you have readers that don't comment, too.

    Arcata, north end of the state, writing from New York City,


  4. And as a postscript, Microsoft Word suggested Be It Just The United Nations as the grammatically correct version.